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For additional Fiber Optic Cleaning and Fiber Optic Test & Measurement products, please visit our parent company EESI at:www.eesisales.com

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Cletop.Com is a U.S. based company with over 14 years of experience selling the NTT-AT Cletop products. Although many new methods of cleaning fiber optic connectors have been introduced in the last several years, the NTT-AT Cletop cleaning products are still regarded as the de facto method for ensuring a consistent, reliable cleaning of the fiber end face.

The Cletop and Cletop-S Cleaning Cassettes and Cleaning Sticks do away with cleaning fluids such as isopropyl alcohol which are not only toxic and flammable, but also leave a residue on the fiber ends after cleaning. The Cletop cloth used in the Cassettes and Sticks is extremely effective in the removal of oil, grease, dust, and other contaminants from fiber optic connector end faces and ferrule surfaces. 

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